Success Guarantee Challenge

Since its inception, FIITJEE MEDICAL has been serving students with utmost sincerity. We have been abiding by a value system which revolves around Truth, Transparency and Commitment. Our unique innovations in providing the best education have always proved to be very helpful in empowering students to reach the pinnacle of success

Over the years, FIITJEE MEDICAL has come up with a number of initiatives that have led FIITJEE MEDICAL into becoming the only institute of Real Substance. One such initiative is Technology empowered Guaranteed success in NEET which we call it as Success Guarantee Challenge

We at FIITJEE MEDICAL are striving hard to make the dreams of the students come true. It is difficult to guarantee success but we are so confident that if a student follows our training methodology, attends all our classes (barring a few emergency cases upto a maximum of 5%) and completes his/her homework sincerely and on time, he/she will make it in the main merit list of NEET for sure. It is our confidence that makes us say that if you don’t we’ll refund your Fee upto 100%.

*Available to all Students (IX, XI and XII in AY 2019-20) qualifying for admission to FIITJEE MEDICAL, on payment of nominal Success Guarantee Challenge fee. The challenge emanates from our sincerity, dedication towards Students and our confidence on the basis of our expertise honed by 26 years of experience. Success Guarantee Challenge is optional. For details, please contact your nearest FIITJEE MEDICAL Study Centre.

  1. Join our 2 Year/3 Year or 4 Year Classroom or Integrated Program and sign a Guarantee contract with us.
  2. Make sure that you attend all classes (barring a few instances of exigency like illness, etc. up to a maximum of 5% and with the written permission of Program Coordinator).
  3. Make sure that you complete all the homework and assignments on time, given by teachers and head teachers which in general can be solved by an average student in 4-5 hours per day on an average (including holidays). The assignments include a printed study material with practice problems, Archives of previous years of questions from NEET and AIIMS and 6 graded assignments (Board Beginner and Scholar, NEET Beginner and Scholar and AIIMS Beginner and Scholar)
  4. Students can request extra support classes if he / she fails to understand a concept but it is expected that the student is able to solve at least 90% of the questions discussed in the class / Doubt removing sessions whenever asked on a random basis without any revision or at least 95% with a quick revision.
  5. The main purpose of this programme is to make the students aware that without continuous practice goals cannot be attained. Please collect a copy of our Success Guarantee challenge contract from your FIITJEE MEDICAL study center

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